Veteran Partnership Program & Recommended Self-Help Material

Blue Cord Patriots has spent years connecting to healing, self-help and spirituality programs in order to create the Veteran Partnership Program. Here are a list of programs that we recommend you explore further.

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Veteran Documentaries and Information



Picture of Battlefield:Home Documentary Poster

Battlefield: Homeis the personal mission of self- described military brat, Anita Sugimura. In order to fulfill her mission, she journeys across the nation—and her own trauma-laden family legacy—to give voice to “the silence of what was unsaid” about war’s life-long consequences both on those who battle on the front lines as well as those who welcome them back home.

Bring this heart-felt and raw documentary to life by contributing any amount.

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Life Long Experiences

Self-Help Books and Materials

Picture of Author Charles Mith

Charles Smith is a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran and Author of the self-help book series entitled Life-Long Experience. His books reflect his lifelong experience in subjects such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which he has lived with since he was only six years old that he talks about in his book Operation T.I.P.P. Trauma Informed Program Plus. Also, his long-term addiction recovery since 1993 which he talks about in his book Operation: Battle of A Lifetime. Charles has written other books such as Operation: Enlighten showing the art of self-protection, and Operation: Happy Mind, his Positive thinking workbook! Charles runs programs for veterans and people in recovery, and his newest endeavor is a program about situational awareness and anti-bullying for children ages 6-10. Charles is also writing a book to go with this new program called Operation: Safety in Motion. When Charles is not writing or running his programs, he enjoys spending time with his children, and friends and enjoying life.

Veteran Wellness Programs

Tulane University Center for Brain Health

Tulane University Center for Brain Health Logo

In 2019, members of our team at Tulane University, in partnership with the Avalon Network, began the process of developing a veteran-focused program to address the unique medical needs of our members of the armed forces, and created the Tulane University Center for Brain Health. Similar to thePACT Clinic’s work with professional athletes, this comprehensive, interdisciplinary care program, launched in Fall 2020, is designed to meet the specific needs of the veteran population and address conditions that impact them the most, including Traumatic Brain Injury, post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety.