Above all, we are an education company, so we will educate you on how they work, etc.

Sometimes TDIU is unavoidable, but we attempt to do everything we can to assist the veteran to get a solid strategy to get a proper 100% rating (scheduler) in order toallow the veteran to continue working!

Are you another veteran friend looking to get the benefits you deserve? Look no further! Our VA claim education program is here to provide you with the support, tools, and guidance you need to succeed.

Our VA claim education program is designed EXCLUSIVELY to help veterans receive the benefits they deserve by providing free initial consultations and to guide a veteran to successful VA compensation increases. We work closely with veterans to educate veterans INDIVIDUALLY through the VA system.


When a veteran wins a VA increase, we only request payment for our services from the increase amount. We subtract the old compensation amount from the new compensation amount and multiply the difference by 4, making it a fair and reasonable investment. It’s important to note that we charge based on the veteran’s pay alone and never charge for dependents or spouses. Veterans can also receive a 10% discount if they pay up front. We work with veterans to provide a suitable payment plan, with many preferring a 12-month option.

Pricing Example:

Here’s an example to illustrate how our payment system works:

In accordance to the 2023 VA Compensation Table, let’s say a veteran’s old compensation is 10%, which amounts to $165.92. After working with us, they successfully receive a new compensation rate of 30%, which amounts to $508.05.

To calculate our fee, we would first subtract the old compensation amount from the new compensation amount:

$508.05 – $165.92 = $342.13

Next, we would multiply that difference by 4:

$342.13 x 4 = Total Due: $1368.52

Therefore, our fee for our services would be $1368.52, which is a fair and reasonable investment, given the veteran’s compensation increase. And remember, if the veteran pays up front, they will receive a 10% discount on our fee!

12 month payment program: $114.04/month for 12 months

Paying upfront: $1368.52 * 90% = $1231.67

We do not charge on back pay, meaning veterans only pay for our services when they receive their increase. Additionally, we are an education company that teaches veterans what is needed to win their claim. We do not prepare, present, or prosecute the claim, as outlined in 38 CFR 14.629. In some cases, we may have partners for medical evidence, but it is not always required.

Our goal is to provide veterans with the support and guidance they need to succeed in their claims without adding any unnecessary financial burden. Contact us today to learn more and get started with your free strategy session.

Blue Cord Patriots provides no guarantee that you win. It would be immoral and unethical for us to do that; however, we will be there to teach you methods that will improve your claim to provide better information for the VA to make a decision on.

NUMBER ONE: NO ASSISTANTS – We believe in veterans speaking with veterans. We purposely limit growth so we can keep our veterans in contact to create a community. Each veteran gets INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION to their claim. We find out what you need to be educated in and assist you in gathering the information you require to have the best chance at winning your veterans’ claim.

NUMBER TWO: YOU MUST BE WILLING TO BE EDUCATED! Blue Cord Patriots are not VSOs, Lawyers, or medical personnel. We are veterans whom have spent years perfecting a process. BCP will have as many one-on-one conversations as you need. We will SHOW YOU how to do the appropriate research, and how to build your case from start to finish to create the best possible outcome.

NUMBER THREE: YOU WILL WORK HARD! This is not a free-for-all program. BCP does not allow veterans to become clients if the veteran is NOT WILLING TO WORK ON THEIR CLAIM. It is your claim. Expect accountability, and also expect to understand everything there is to know about the process so you can share what you learned with your fellow vets, and feel confidence again.

There are many other expectations. Give us a call and we will give you a no-frills description of the portals, resources, and time that we dedicate to you…the veteran to best establish your claim.

We pride ourselves on teaching you how to fight again. We teach you how to work ‘with’ the VA versus against them. The Blue Cord Patriots do not believe that you should “be happy” with your claim where it is and to not “poke the bear”. We hear that many representatives have said that to veterans. WE DO NOT THINK LIKE THIS.WE REMIND VETERANS THAT THE VETERAN IS THE BEAR…NOT THE VA!

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